Wholesale Program


Royal Exhaust offers a competitive wholesale program with discounts on certain products to companies who meet certain criteria. For a list of these requirements, or to open an account, please contact us

  • We are an importer and distributor of replacement parts, performance parts, accessories, wheels, and tires.  We are also a used auto parts locator.

  • Our program is a great opportunity for automotive industry companies to start selling a wide range of high-quality parts in order to make profits where it wasn't possible to before.

  • For Dealerships, this is an excellent opportunity to offer your customers to add performance products, wheels and tires with their purchase of a new or used vehicle and incorporate the cost into the financing of the vehicle.

  • This program is not for companies looking to make a one-time purchase.

Email us (Click Here) or call 416-757-7575 to find out more about our program now!

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